Janina Dill 

Dame Louise Richardson Chair in Global Security, University of Oxford 


Interview about International Law in Gaza, Ukraine and the context of nuclear deterrence,  in Spanish, ElDiario, 2024

What International Law Can't Achieve in Gaza and Ukraine, TIME, 2024

No Peace for the Dead: Legal Questions about Israel's destruction of cemeteries in Gaza, EJIL Talk!, 2024

Top Legal Experts Views on International Court of Justice Ruling on Israel Gaza Operations (South Africa v. Israel genocide Convention Case), Just Security, 2024

Top Legal Experts on Why Aid to Gaza Can't Be Conditioned on Hostage Release, in response to remarks by US Official (one of six expert comments), Just Security, 2023.

Law and Survival in Israel and Palestine, Just Security, 2023

Our Shared Horror, EJIL:Talk!, 2023

What is the Role of International Law in Preventing the Use of Nuclear Weapons, Specifically by Russia against Ukraine? Perry World House, 2023

Ukrainians are not Willing to Give up Territory , The Conversation, 2022 (with Marnie Howlett and Carl Müller-Crepon)

The Moral Muddle of Blaming the West for Russia's Aggression, Public Ethics, 2022

General Comment 36: A Missed Opportunity? Just Security, 2019

The DoD Law of War Manual and the False Appeal of Differentiating Types of Civilians, Just Security, 2016

Assessing Proportionality: An Unreasonable Demand on the Reasonable Military Commander? Intercross, EJIL Talk! and Lawfare, 2016

Five Don'ts for Introducing a Female Speaker, The Duck of Minerva, reposted on The Times Higher Education, 2016

Proportionate Collateral Damage and Why We Should Care What Civilians Think, Just Security, 2015

Israel's Use of Law and Warnings in Gaza, Opinio Juris, 2014

My commentary/research has been cited amongst others in The New York Times (also here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), The Washington Post, The LA Times, The Guardian (also here), The Economist (also here), The Financial Times, L'Orient Le Jour, Le Monde Diplomatique, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (also here), Berliner Morgenpost, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung (also here),  Pravda Slovakia, Justice:Info, The Irish Times, The Middle East Eye, NBC News, Sky News, BBC, CNN (also here and here).


Asymmetrical Haircuts - Your International Justice Podcast: Laws of war 101 (21 June 2024)

Interview on BBC World Newshour: Netanyahu hits Back at ICC Arrest Warrant Bid, starts at 8:22 (20 May 2024)

American Society of International Law, Panel at the Annual Meeting: The Conflict in Gaza (5 April 2024)

Interview on BBC World Service, Newshour: On Israel's Airstrike Against the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, starts at 33:45 (12 April 2024)

Interview on BBC Radio 4, The Moral Maze: The War in Ukraine - Is it Time to Trade Land for Peace? (24 January 2024)

Interview on Deutschlandfunk (nova): Nahostkrieg - Israel's Angfriffe und das Völkerrecht (21 December 2023)

Interview on NPR, On Point: Israel Hamas and the Laws of War - A Primer (also here) (13 November 2023)

Interview on BBC World Service, Newshour: Israel Intensifies Air Strikes on Gaza, starts at 17:22 (27 October 2023)

Interview on NPR, Air Talk: International Legal And Moral Considerations, starts around 00:17 (27 October 2023)

Interview on BBC Radio 4, The Moral Maze: Putin - did we create a war criminal? starts around 27:00 (2 March 2022)

Interview on BBC Radio 4, Sunday: Just war theory and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, starts around 14:00 (Sunday 27 February 2022)

JIB/JAB - The Law of War Podcast: Panel on the legal issues raised in the Gaza conflict of May 2021 (11 June 2021)

Western Way of War Podcast: Using the laws of war to assert legitimacy (March 2021)

Interview on BBC World Service, Newshour: The morality of drone strikes, starts around min 48:00 (5 October 2018) 

Podcast for The Oxford Programme on the Changing Character of War: The partial effectiveness of international law in war (2013)


Interview with DW on the legal implication of the third ruling on provisional measures by the ICJ in South Africa v. Israel (starts at 6:18)

25 May 2024

Comments for Aktuelle Stunde on WDR (in German)

21 May 2024

The American Society of International Law (ASIL), Panel at the Annual Meeting: "The War in Gaza," with Ardi Imseis, Eliav Lieblich, Vivian Salama

4 April 2024

"Algorithms of War: The Use of AI in Armed Conflict," panel co-sponsored by the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC) and the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs, with Joel Rosenthal, Brianna Rosen, Ciaran Martin and Tom Simpson

8 April 2024

"Implications of the International Court of Justice’s Provisional Measures in Genocide in South Africa v. Israel", panel co-sponsored by the Bonavero Institute and the Hertie School of Government, with Ruvi Ziegler, Victor Kattan and Cathryn Costello

27 February 2024

Janina Dill One World -One World With Zain Asher and Bianna Golodryga-2024-01-26.mp4

Live interview on CNN International on the ICJ Genocide Case

26 January 2024

Comments for CNN The Lead on destruction of cemeteries in Gaza

19 January 2024

"The Laws of Armed Conflict, Ethics, and the Israel-Hamas War," briefing for the Council on Foreign Relations with John Bellinger and Geoff Corn

19 December 2023

"Krieg in Gaza: Was sagt das Völkerrecht?" (War in Gaza: What international law has to say), Interview for "Monitor", an investigative political show on German TV ARD

Also here 

23 November 2023

"International Legal Perspectives on the Israel/Hamas War",  Webinar organized by the American Journal of International Law with Ingrid Brunk, Adil Haque, Alejandro Chehtnam, Steven R. Ratner

20 October 2023


Live interview about the issue of Ukraine receiving and using cluster munitions at BBC News at six 7.7.2023