Janina Dill 

Dame Louise Richardson Chair in Global Security, University of Oxford 


Interview on NPR, On Point: Israel Hamas and the Laws of War - A Primer (also here) (13 November 2023)

Interview on BBC World News, News Hour: Israel Intensifies Air Strikes on Gaza, starts at 17:22 (27 October 2023)

Interview on NPR, Air Talk, Civilian Costs Of War: International Legal And Moral Considerations, starts around 00:17 (27 October 2023)

Interview on BBC Radio 4, The Moral Maze: Putin - did we create a war criminal? starts around 27:00 (2 March 2022)

Interview on BBC Radio 4, Sunday: Just war theory and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, starts around 14:00 (Sunday 27 February 2022)

JIB/JAB - The Law of War Podcast: Panel on the legal issues raised in the Gaza conflict of May 2021, lead by Craig Martin, with Adil Haque and Aurel Sami (11 June 2021)

Western Way of War Podcast: Using the laws of war to assert legitimacy, interview with Peter Roberts (March 2021)

BBC Newshour: Interview on the morality of drone strikes, starts around min 48:00 (5 October 2018) 

Podcast for The Oxford Programme on the Changing Character of War: The partial effectiveness of international law in war (2013)


Pre-recorded Interview for "Monitor", an investigative political show on German TV ARD: "Krieg in Gaza: Was sagt das Völkerrecht?" (War in Gaza: What international law has to say). What here 


International Legal Perspectives on the Israel/Hamas War 20.10.2023

Live interview about the issue of Ukraine receiving and using cluster munitions at BBC News at six 7.7.2023